We change the lives of small business owners so they can enjoy the lifestyle they desire and finally have their business work for them. Not the other way around.

We’re committed to making an impact through our three core values.



best-in-class service
and support.



our customers, partners and their families to achieve their goals.



those we work with to level up their business and life through education, our in-depth knowledge and can-do attitude.

With automation experts implementing your tasks, you can have confidence that things will get done right. From funnels, webinars, payment processors, to membership sites, we understand the marketing needs of a business in today’s world.

Have a question? We’re just an email away. You’ll receive a prompt response and a time frame for your task completion. Then we’re on it. Working while you sleep.

We understand that a big part of creating compelling landing pages, forms and magnets is the need for quality graphic design. We create lead magnets, side bar graphics, blog images, Ad images, landing page banners, email graphics and more.

Do you need someone with automation expertise to ask questions? Perhaps you don’t know what you should be automating first in your business? No problem, we’ll answer your questions,  because we’re here to support you.

We make it easy for you to see if we’re a fit. Choose your plan, submit your first task or two and see how it works. If you feel our service isn’t a fit, you can get a 100% refund within 14 days after your purchase.  Like our customers, we hope you’ll also feel a big load fall off your shoulders from having our help a keystroke away.

This covers any automation integration needed with your WordPress or SquareSpace website such as opt-in forms, updating plugins, updating a header graphic, CRM connections, theme edits, sidebar images, blog forms and more. We can tie everything together. 

About Fusemate

Fusemate provides unlimited marketing automation expertise and high-quality graphic design for service providers and agencies for a flat rate. Founded by Anthony Puttee, the idea for Fusemate came about from frustration. While operating his previous digital service business in the publishing industry, he struggled to find available, reliable, knowledgeable automation support.

The name Fusemate was created by combining the “fusing” of various software tools to create business systems and automation, and the word “mate” which refers to the Australian slang word commonly used when talking about a friend. 

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